3 Telltale Indications You Are Dealing With Pest Issues In Your Restaurant Ductwork


You never see any mice, rats or other small rodents in your restaurant, so you believe you are in the clear. However, pests will often pick a spot in your business where they are least likely to be found, but still allows them ready access to food: your ductwork. Here are a few signs that you could be dealing with a hidden pest problem in your restaurant ductwork.  You have odd odors radiating from your restaurant cooling and heating vents.

16 August 2016

After The Hunt: Making Sure Your Game Meat Is Safe And Freezer Friendly


One of the most noteworthy benefits of a successful hunting excursion is the ability to bring home fresh cuts of the most natural and organic meat available. Of course, getting it from the field to your freezer often requires some specialized equipment and tools or at least the space necessary for some messy work. Finding a professional to process your game meat is an easy way to simplify the matter, but there are important things to look for in order to ensure the safest handling possible.

22 March 2016