3 Telltale Indications You Are Dealing With Pest Issues In Your Restaurant Ductwork


You never see any mice, rats or other small rodents in your restaurant, so you believe you are in the clear. However, pests will often pick a spot in your business where they are least likely to be found, but still allows them ready access to food: your ductwork. Here are a few signs that you could be dealing with a hidden pest problem in your restaurant ductwork. 

You have odd odors radiating from your restaurant cooling and heating vents.

Of all of the indications that you have pests taking refuge in your restaurant ductwork, odors will likely be the first thing you notice. You may smell the odor of ammonia when the air or heat is on or catch the occasional whiff of ammonia and not realize where it's coming from. Because pests like to create nests in the ductwork, this can mean tons of droppings and urine concentrated to one area. If you spot funky odors coming from your ducts, it is a good idea to have a professional take a look. 

You spot signs of debris blowing out of the vents in your restaurant.

If you continuously see signs of debris blowing from the vents in your restaurant, it is a good indication you have a pest problem hidden away inside the ducts. Small particles of dust bedding, insulation, and even droppings can be pushed through the ducts and out the air vents if you have a pest issue inside the ductwork. So make sure you pay close attention to any odd debris you see blowing from your vents. 

Your HVAC system is not as productive as it should be in your restaurant. 

If the HVAC system in your place of business seems to be lacking where air or heat production is concerned, it could easily be related to pest problems in the ducts. Pests like mice, rats, and other vermin will create a lot of damage within the ducts, which will often lead to air and heat loss during operation. If you stick your hand in front of a vent and it seems like the burst of heat or cooling is not as strong as it should be, you should definitely have someone take a look. 

Dealing with pests in the ductwork of your restaurant can be a huge problem. Not only will you be facing problems with keeping your place of business comfortable, but you could also be struggling with the pests making their way to the rest of the building. Contact a restaurant ductwork cleaning service like Hooten Equipment Company LLC for more advice if you suspect you have pest issues in your ducts. 


16 August 2016

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