Full-Service Catering At Your Home: Three Things To Consider


Full-service catering doesn't have to take place at an event venue. Some caterers will gladly come to your home to treat you and your guests to a memorable meal. As you plan your private backyard event with full-service catering, here are some things to consider.  Prepare A Table Setup  Caterers will typically set the formal tables for your event, but you may need to provide the tables. Work with the catering company to determine how many tables will be needed based on the size of your outdoor area and the number of people on the guest list.

10 December 2021

Meal Prep Delivery Service: A Convenient Way To Eat Healthy


Meal prepping has fast become a trend that many are using as a way to keep their health in check. By cooking and preparing food in large quantities each week, meals can be made ahead of time in perfect portions in accordance with one's dietary needs. While this is an excellent way to stay in shape and develop a healthy relationship with food in general, meal prep can easily become an exhausting feat.

2 August 2021

Veggies Only? What Else Can You Add To Vegetarian Recipes


Are vegetables always the highlight of vegetarian recipes? While vegetarian apps, sides, and meals may include everything from eggplants to carrots, veggies aren't always the show-stopper. Take a look at the non-vegetable vegetarian picks that can enrich and uplift this type of recipe. Fresh and Dried Fruit How can you use fruit in a vegetarian starter, side, or full meal? Whether you prefer fresh raw, fresh-cooked, or dried fruits, you can use these colorful selections as part of:

29 June 2021