Full-Service Catering At Your Home: Three Things To Consider


Full-service catering doesn't have to take place at an event venue. Some caterers will gladly come to your home to treat you and your guests to a memorable meal. As you plan your private backyard event with full-service catering, here are some things to consider. 

Prepare A Table Setup 

Caterers will typically set the formal tables for your event, but you may need to provide the tables. Work with the catering company to determine how many tables will be needed based on the size of your outdoor area and the number of people on the guest list. Depending on the available space, you may decide to choose long banquet tables instead of round party tables. Make sure you let the caterer know in advance so they can plan how place settings will be laid out accordingly. You can rent tables of varying sizes and shapes at most party rental companies, and your caterer might even have a great recommendation for who to use. 

Plan For Bar Service

If you want to have a cash or open bar at the event, designate space in the yard just for the bar. Your caterer may have a portable rolling bar to provide for you, but you'll want to ask in advance. If the company doesn't, don't fear. You can rent a rolling bar from the same company you rent your tables from. Make sure you discuss the types of liquor you want to serve, whether it's standard fare or top-shelf bottles. If you want to have wine or champagne served, you'll also want to let your catering service know in advance. They can provide trained bartenders as well as wait staff who can legally serve alcohol to your guests. 

Make Kitchen Space Available 

For a backyard event, a full-service caterer may prep the meals ahead of time and deliver them to your home hot and ready to serve. However, this doesn't mean that kitchen space won't be required. Some additional prep may need to be done at your home, so it's a good idea to ask how much space will be required. You may need to remove decorations, countertop appliances, and other items to ensure there's plenty of counter space for the staff to plate and stage your food. If you have a small kitchen, work with the caterers to identify other areas that can be used, such as the dining room. If space allows in the backyard, you may want to offer to set up extra buffet tables under a tent for staging food before it is served. 


10 December 2021

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