Are You Hosting A Game Night For The Adults At Your Community Center?


Are you the president or the manager of your Home Owner's Association? If so, maybe you are the person in charge of activities for your community. For example, maybe you plan major events like Fourth of July celebrations and fall festivals. It might be that you have been thinking of bringing the adults who live in your community together by planning smaller events during the year

If that's the case, from arranging for a game night complete with a mobile coffee cart to planning movie nights, here are some ideas that might help you.

Game Nights With A Mobile Coffee Cart - Before you plan the game nights for your community, consider how much money is available to you. Consider how much time you want to personally give to each event. 

For example, is there enough money to buy a cart that can hold different kinds of coffee? Those who attend the game nights will more than likely enjoy a treat as part of the event. A mobile coffee cart from a place like Executive Perks Coffee Catering could easily be set up, couldn't it? Think of offering different flavors of coffee and different flavors of creamers. Don't forget to also have things like stevia packets for those who don't like to use sugar in their coffee. And having decaf coffee on the mobile cart might also be a good idea. 

It might be fun to ask those who attend your game night to bring cookies to go along with the coffee along with a board game. Just in case you don't get enough cookies or enough board games, think of having some store bought cookies on hand. Also, have a few decks of cards for those who would rather plan something like Canasta instead of playing a board game.

Plan Movie Nights - Of course, you could plan outdoor movies for the entire family, and that would more than likely be a lot of fun. However, think of also having movie nights just for the adults who live in your community. Use the community center to watch old classics like Rear Window, To Kill A Mockingbird, Twelve Angry Men and comedies like Some Like It Hot and The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Just as you do for game nights, think of having the mobile coffee cart available for those who want a snack while they watch the movie. Be sure to have plenty of disposable cups with lids available. Cookies would be easy to serve, too. And don't forget the popcorn. 


24 May 2019

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