Why Share Boards Are A Good Choice For A Catered Event


One of the big decisions to make when you're planning an event that you want to be catered is how your attendees will get their food. At some events, a self-serve approach is best. At others, servers will circulate and keep your guests fed. If you're leaning toward the self-serve idea, one food option to consider is a share board. This term describes when several different types of food are carefully laid out on a large serving vessel. A share board is similar to a charcuterie plate, but the difference is that a share board has a wide variety of foods — rather than just cured meats. Here are some reasons that a share board is a good choice.

It Can Break The Ice

At most events, attendees will know some people but not know other people. As the organizer, you want the group to come together quickly and easily. One of the best ways to get people to connect with one another is through food. When you offer some share boards around the venue, people will be in close quarters as they load their plates. This can be better than small groups standing apart from each other as they wait for servers to bring them food.

It's Not Too Formal

You'll always want to consider what type of vibe you want your event to have. While there are certainly times that a formal, upscale event can be appropriate, you might not always want this. Sometimes, having servers approach guests with platters of food can seem a little too formal. There's something that is casual and relaxed about having your guests descend on a series of share boards and grab the items that they want. This may be exactly the feeling that you want to create at your event.

The Food Can Seem More Plentiful

It's always important to not only have enough food at your catered event, but also to make it obvious that you have enough food. When servers, serve food, guests don't always know how much food is available. For example, someone might take certain items sparingly under the impression that other dishes will soon be coming out, but this might not be the case. There's little doubt that a few large share boards will make it clear that your event has a lot of tasty food available to the attendees. Look for local catering food services that have experience with putting together share boards.


27 December 2019

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