Why You Should Order A Bottom Load Water Cooler From Your Delivery Service


In addition to providing you with refreshing bottled water at regular intervals, your local bulk water delivery service can also delivery water coolers. Most delivery services have a wide range of coolers that might interest you. While your first instinct might be to go with a traditional top-load cooler, it's worthwhile to know that a bottom-load cooler can be a good alternative. Your delivery service may have a few different styles of this cooler available, so talk to a company rep about which product might serve you best. Here are some reasons to consider changing to a bottom-load cooler.

It Looks More Modern

Whether you're getting water delivered to your office or to your home, you may take pride in maintaining an environment that looks modern. This can especially be valuable in a workplace, as clients and customers may assess how effectively you're keeping up with the times. There's little question that many bottom-load water coolers look far more modern than their top-load counterparts. Having one of these coolers in your place of work can go a long way toward improving the look of the space.

It's Easier To Load

If you've had a top-load water cooler for even a short period of time, you're likely well aware of the challenges of loading this device. The weight of the bottle and the height at which you have to install it can mean that some people in the office struggle with this task — and may not want to perform it at all. Fortunately, a bottom-load water cooler is much easier to load because you only need to lift the water bottle a few inches off the ground.

It Keeps The Water Out Of The Sun

Depending on the layout of your office or home, you might have your water cooler in a location that gets sunlight at a certain time of the day. When the bottle of a top-load cooler is in the sun, it can slowly start to heat up. Depending on the type of unit that you have, this can either mean that the water comes out warm, or that the cooler inside of the unit has to work harder to get the water to your preferred temperature — which can raise your electric bills. A bottom-load cooler keeps the water bottle of the direct sunlight, which helps you to avoid this problem.

To learn more about the benefits of bottom-load coolers, contact a water delivery service near you.


27 December 2019

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