Prepare Single Ingredients And Blends That Contain Uniform Pieces


Uniform pieces and a consistent texture are symbolic of fresh-chopped salads and pasta blends that one would be served in a high-end dining establishment. If wilted salad leaves and sloppily-sliced tomatoes are often displayed in your salad bar, use a food bowl chopper to improve the presentation of many items on your restaurant's menu.

Experience Less Mess And More Blade Control

Slicing a lot of items can be time-consuming, and if a dull knife is implemented, jagged edges may be apparent at the end of the food prep service. A food bowl chopper contains an electrical base, a deep storage bowl, and a lid. All of the electrical components are self-contained, and the blades will be located near the bottom of the bowl when the machine is not in use. When a food chopper is turned on, the bowl will turn horizontally, and the series of blades will move vertically, cutting all of the ingredients in a consistent manner.

During the chopping process, juices from vegetables or fruits will be siphoned out of the bowl and will be stored in a reservoir that is at the base of the unit. The blade speed can be increased or decreased and the size of chopped pieces can be pre-programmed. These features allow a professional or home cook to fine-tune each food prep session.

Double Or Triple Your Prep Duties

If you purchase multiple food choppers, you can prepare several ingredients at the same time and won't need to stop midway to clean out the bowl attachment. Buy several tabletop models and designate each one for a specific kitchen application.

If you are going to continue with the salad bar setup, then chopping the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions may be your main focus. With one machine being used for each ingredient, you or your kitchen staff workers can prepare batch after batch of the ingredients needed to fill the salad bar. A chopper will also work well for custom recipes, such as pasta dishes that are going to contain vegetable or meat pieces.

To prepare a pasta blend, assign one food chopper for the meat ingredients and one for the vegetable ingredients. Cook the pasta and set it aside. After using the choppers to prepare the additional ingredients, pour the chopped pieces into a bowl. Add the cooked pasta to the other components and use a spatula or a whisk to blend everything together. 

For more information about using food bowl choppers for salad bar prep or other meal preparation, contact a local seller.


2 November 2020

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