Keys To Starting Your Own Pizza Parlor


If you've developed your own type of pizza and have the means of turning it into a business, you might want to open up your own pizza parlor. Since there are so many already, it's important to be strategic in the beginning. Here are a few tactics that will help.

Create Signature Pizzas

One of the best ways you can make your new pizza parlor stand out is to create a signature line of pizzas. These are pizzas that your parlor will become known for over time, so take as much time as you need to refine their ingredients and taste.

For instance, you might have an all-meat pizza, a vegetarian pizza, and a pizza with chicken and white sauce. Just try to focus on uniqueness so that your parlor has an easier time standing out in this competitive space. Additionally, make sure these signature pizzas are feasible for you to make long-term.

Serve Draft Beer Inside

There will be a good portion of patrons that want to eat inside your pizza parlor. You can cater to this audience by serving them draft beer. It will give people just another reason to dine inside. They can eat a slice of pizza and wash it down with a glass of beer.

If you go in this direction, you'll need to get your liquor license. You also need to invest in a quality draft system, so that your beer is fresh and cold for each customer that requests it. 

Refine Your Delivery Business Model

If you want to cater to a lot of people when opening up a pizza parlor, then you probably want to offer delivery services. Then those who want to stay home can still get your pizza delivered directly to their door. You'll just need to refine this business model.

Make sure you hire skilled drivers who have the ability to show up at each customer's house quickly. This will help you build a positive reputation fast. Also, make sure you have a way to keep pizza fresh while it's delivered. You might also invest in navigation systems for all of your drivers so that they know exactly where to take each delivery.

If you want to start your own pizza parlor, you have to do things in a unique and compelling way. Then even though this space is pretty competitive, you can stand out and get people excited to order pizza from your parlor. Look to a pizza parlor such as HomeSlyce for inspiration.


3 May 2023

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